MTV's Amazingness

Here’s Kaitlyn’s performance on MTV’s “Amazingness” as “Low Rider”, where she performs her signature Limbo move.

Nickelodeon's "Figure It Out"

Kaitlyn appeared on Nickeloedon’s Figure It Out, answering the panel about what she does. They didn’t guess correctly.

ABC's "The Gong Show"

Kaitlyn appears on ABC’s “The Gong Show”. She served some drinks, skated under fire, and she didn’t get gonged!

Holiday Inn Express

Kaitlyn lends her talent to the UK in a Holiday Inn Express commercial. Spiraling through a car park on Skates…

The Interview

Interview with Kaitlyn in her home skating rink, Rink Ratz in Blue Springs, MO.

ABC's "Wanna Bet"

A younger Kaitlyn appearing on ABC’s “Wanna Bet?”

NBC's Harry Connick Jr. Show

Kaitlyn appearing on the Harry Connick Jr. show’s “My Unusual Talent” segment.